Visual Designer with passion for Copywriting

My name is Viktorija Zymantaite and I’m a freelancing Visual Designer. I’m constantly working with visual production and concept creation for both online and offline channels. If you’re looking for help creating graphic material, videos, social media or webpage content you’re very welcome to contact me.

What is a visual designer?

I call myself for Visual Designer because I’m not only focusing in graphic design, I have a good eye for all kind of visuals you need help with. No matter if it’s regarding video production, photography, webpage design or newsletters. I’ve been working with different kind of communication and designing concepts from A to Z. I produce print material, banners, newsletters and design webpages, stand material etc. Besides that I work with social media appearance and copywriting.


Graphic Design
Logotypes, brochures, flyers, stand material, infographics

Digital Design
Banners, webpages, newsletters,
visuals for social media

Web design: WordPress

PowerPoint and Prezi


Photography and
photo editing

Video production
Manuscripts, graphics and editing

Articles, company presentations, slogans

Content Startegies
For social media and blogs

Knowledge and experience
Graphic Design
Content Strategies
Digital Design
Video Production
Web design

I’ve been actively working in this industry since 2014 with different marketing communication issues. Although, my interest for graphic design started already in 2008 and I’ve since then practiced my skills through internships and non-profit work in combination with studies within:
- Graphic Design
- Marketing Communication and PR
- Copywriting

For small to medium size businesses in Stockholm

My services fit perfectly to companies in need for reinforcement in their marketing department or for smaller businesses that lack this function today. Because of mine broad competence I’m able to help with varied tasks and you only need one contact instead of hiring several different freelancers. It will not only save you time, but you will get a partner who gets to know your business to help you out in an efficient way.


Viktorija Zymantaite



Call or e-mail

+46 72 077 78 73